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Button Attachments

Super Magnet Bar Style (Super Magnet Bar Style)
Perfect for delicate fabrics Available for button sizes 1 3/4" Round and larger

 Price: $1.00 Each (min. qty: ) (V)

Super Magnet Button Style (Super Magnet Button Style)
Pefect for delicate fabrics For button sizes 1 1/4" Round and larger
Bulldog Clip*
Bulldog Clip* (Bulldog Clip)
* Bulldog Clip available on 1 3/4" round and larger.

 Price: $0.50 Each  (R)

Lock (Lock)

 Price: $0.12 Each (min. qty: ) (P)

Straight (Straight)

 Price: $0.12 Each (min. qty: ) (P)